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certified with A.C.E. Fitness since 2004


You now have an opportunity to lifestyle changes to obtain optimum health, at an affordable rates

10 session for $300


       I have been into fitness conditioning personally for over 25 years and competed in Martial arts, Long distance running and Natural drug-free Bodybuilding. I have professionally been training clients since 2004, and with optimum success!

        I am certified Personal Trainer with (American Council of Exercise) and know about many of the myth and fallacy about weight loss and fitness. I donít believe in dieting, but I do believe in eating nutritionally and enjoying the food. I donít think you need pain to gain, but rather increase your intensity gradually to improve your health for a lifetime.

      I will teach you the secrets of training smart and get effective results that you are looking for. I can teach you both the Western and Eastern way to fitness combining the knowledge of Tai Chi and weight training all in one.

       Itís time for you to empower yourself with experience knowledge of exercise principle that can work for you. 

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